Ninety Fourth Chapter

Conversation with God

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When I realized it I was once again standing in the pure white space


Room…..rather than calling it that, it was a surrounding area of pure white, the perspective made it difficult to grasp the distance


That god returned back to his usual appearance, the goddess is wrapped up in restrictions and appeared like she had been dragged about


As I thought this guy, he can’t call say anything about me being cruel




“Quite unreasonable, huh, interfering with reality, you are the first”


Without showing any sign of caring about the bedraggled guy, he approached me


“You’re annoying, things that can be used I used, anything wrong with that?”


The priority for me hasn’t changed


Since Rune and the other’s would cry, I just gave in [to their demand] to me not sacrificing my life


If it’s to protect everyone, thinking something like I don’t care what happens to my life hasn’t changed


This way of thinking, is probably the cause of everyone crying, but this is me you know


Changing such a fundamental part [of me] is difficult


Everyone as well, they probably don’t think that I will come to cherish my life


…, since even now those guys are not mature


They may perhaps believe it


Even though they’ve already been together with me 11 years


… that why?


Since we’ve been together for such a long time, did they think somehow or other that I would change for them?


Certainly if said I changed I’ve changed, but my way of thinking itself doesn’t seem to have changed


If they want to change that, the ‘I’ I would become would not be me


If I lose all the memories up to now, I may perhaps be able to change, but Rune said he didn’t want that


So I didn’t use the memory erasing magic


Although I finally managed to think of it, it means that I haven’t used that magic




“You have a promise with those children huh”


After doing nothing the god said such a thing


“What of it?”


“Until you wake up, I stopped time. Sooo, while you yourself are asleep, since the surrounding’s time is stopped, so it means that  when you wake up the surroundings will nooot have changed”




This guy, what is he saying?


“If I say that in the period you are asleep only your time will be going forward will you understaaand?”


“Even if you didn’t explain that, I got the meaning! Why didn’t you tell me? I wouldn’t have said my parting words to Rau!”


“Eeeh!? That?”


God took an exaggerated surprised pose, but he’s probably not that surprised


Even if he’s really that surprised, I don’t care though


“Serioouusly~……. Your thinking is as fanciful as ever~”


“I don’t want you to tell me that”


This is the guy who’s making me a god and such?


Compared to me I can only think that he’s the one holding fanciful thoughts


“It makes no difference” [goddess]


From under his feet a voice could be heard


Immediately a *gufu*……was said and then silence


As I thought, this god has no right to call me ‘cruel’


Stomping her with all his strength


Moreover, smiling while doing it


Compared to me his personality is worse (/He’s worse than me as a dom)

[TN: yomikata over personality is ‘tachi’ which is sometimes used for ‘seme/top’ but means dom/dominant in a gay relationship…? Probably? Personality is 性質 ‘seishitsu’ and 質 ‘shitsu’ can be read as ‘tachi’]




“As soon as I wake up will Rune and the others’ time move?”


Going so far as to pay attention to such trash [the goddess’ suffering], I am not a good person


[Rather] my attention’s on that


“Of course, though there may be a slight calculation error. Their time will start to move after you wake up, so they’ll probably start to move later than you”


Somehow it seems I’ll see a sight of everyone while they’re frozen


Well, I guess it’s fine so long as it’s not after everyone’s died


According to my original plan, of the guys I know everyone would die aside from Rune, though I’m not particularly sad about it


Since I gave up on meeting everyone




“Since I’ll be keeping you company, your sleep time has shortened to about 200 years~”


“Ha? If you’re stopping those guys’ time then I’ll be sleeping the regular 500 years”


Why must I keep him company?


I have no intention of such


“Uu, heeey! That’s no good~ in exchange for accompanying me I stopped the time of those children, you know?”




“It’s not ‘hmmm’. Even though I was thinking of properly explaining about what will happen after this”


God’s words ‘what will happen after this’ probably mean after my life as the demon god comes to a close




“You, are you seriously thinking of having me become a god?”


“Such a thing, if the world you’re in is destroyed, you’ll automatically become one~”


It seems it’s compulsory


…..shall I hinder it


“What you’ll become, will be the reigning god”


“Ha? What is it, that”


I haven’t heard of such a thing


(Is there such a thing)


The ones I’ve heard of are from stories made by humans like greek mythology and the like


Moreover, it’s not like I know all of them, it’s quite vague [the knowledge of gods]


Even the gods I know, if I properly looked [through what I know] what I remember is probably a hodgepodge


I wasn’t into religion, to begin with, I completely did not believe in god


“Reigning god, as that name states, it’s a god that will peacefully govern. Since the goddess of beauty will no longer exist, becoming the god of beauty as well is also fine though…….. In that case you would hold two concurrent posts huh~”


“Not doing it”


To begin with, whatever kind of god it is I don’t even want to do it


Besides, ‘god of beauty,’ what’s with that


Is he an idiot


Does he want me to inherit this shitty woman’s leftovers


“So, are you saying to supervise that world or something”


“Although there’s also that, but you are a soul that stands at the peak. I want you to supervise those self-centered gods that move [as they please] so won’t you supervise them~? …..not including me, of course~”


Supervise the gods?


This guy, as I thought, he’s crazy, huh


“If you get personal experience from a position supervising a world, you can get a foundation to be the reigning god~ However, you know, you’re always choosing death by someone else’s hands, you know~ Honestly I already can’t wait anymore~ Heeey, I mean, I am a self-centered god, after all~”


This guy, he’s deciding it all on his own


Well, whatever


From what I remember about god’s in stories, they’re almost all selfish


Other than that, they’re loose with sex


Things like killing someone or annihilating things, there should be a lot of such stories


No matter where the god [is from], it seems they’re just more of the same


Will I also be joining that group?


….I feel like I would mix well with them, but super don’t wanna


“So, why me?”


It should be fine even if it’s not me




“Your soul, is absolutely more beautiful compared to others. ….Ah, [that’s just] about the soul? Quite different from a wise ruler, if it’s you, you have self-awareness, you know? Well, you who holds such a soul is suitable to becoming a god~. In order to become a god the soul is not all that’s needed, it’s rare to have the necessary capacity for it~. Searching for that, moving in order to make such [a soul] a god, is my duty”




“Hey! You, you weren’t listening were you!?”


Ah, he caught me


I mean, you know……


If it was a talk with Rune and the others then somehow, but why must I listen to this guy’s chatter?




Even if I’m made a god, I absolutely won’t do anything [any work]


If I’m a god I could sleep for eternity or so, right?




Shall that be my goal


If it’s a fate I can’t avoid, for the time being I’ll accept it


However, I have no intention of listening to anyone’s orders


I will only move by my own intentions




“You, do you not know what kind of god this person is? How can you act so self-important?”


The goddess seemed surprised for some reason


As expected, this god seems to be an important guy


“Such a thing, doesn’t matter to me. I won’t bow down before this guy”


Whatever kind of god he is and however important he is, it has nothing to do with me


Doesn’t matter


For example, were that not so, being told to be killed and such, there’s no way you’d go along with it




“For your punishment, you’ll become fallen. Won’t you be silent? You already can’t call yourself a god~……bye-bye?”


Her rights as a god, were revoked, huh


How anticlimactic


“Even though it would’ve been fine to erase her”


“As one would expect, erasing a god at a moment’s notice can’t be done you know~ Revoking their status and as for after they fall to earth…..I don’t know how they’ll be though~ It’s outside my jurisdiction. That’s left to the god of judgement~”


Just how many gods are there?


Is there a horde?


Are all of them crazy?


The gods I’ve met are just these two, but both are crazy


Govern that?


Don’t screw with me


I don’t want to do such a troublesome thing


“Well, becoming a god is a story for much later~ so don’t worry about it for now~”


“Since I’ve no desire to do it, I won’t worry about it at all”


Don’t care


For those guys who are not my things, there’s no meaning to worrying about them


“Hey! It has a ton to do with you~ since you’re the only one qualified~”




“Listen properly~”


He’s shedding crocodile tears again


Quite annoying




“You do understand he is the god of creation?”


The annoying woman calls out to me


“Haah? For me, this guy is annoying god number 1. Though you’re number 2”


That cognizance won’t change


When I tell her so the shitty woman freezes with a dumbfounded expression


She seems to be the goddess of beauty, but…..just how?


She’s no different from that self-important human woman from that world


Besides, I have no interest in whatever kind of god or whatever name


Because of that I have no intention of listening


“You, are so cru~el”


“Only you have no right to call me that”


Perhaps, I may be somewhat similar to this god


An unhappy truth


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TN: week’s been surprisingly busy, lots to do but never enough time, aiming for three chapters Saturday


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